Bathtub Race

Bathtub Races

Bathtub Race – Info, Rules, Instructions
Bathtub Races Application & 2015 Waiver

Bathtub races are races between boats that are designed to tickle the funny bone in all of us.  These sea worthy vessels may be either created or manufactured, and the most critical aspect of each vessel is that it be amusing!

One race will be held for hand made/decorated “boats”. The idea behind this is that the handmade/decorated boats can be made out of anything, like bathtubs, that can float, including handmade boats that look like boats but are decorated in wacky, fun outrageous ways. The theme should also be incorporated in the decoration/design.

The general idea is to promote silliness and spirit in a safe and madcap way with boats that resemble typically non-floating objects, the most obvious being a bathtub.

The races between the entrants will determine the winner in the race category.

  1. Teams will consist of a maximum of 4 members, pre-registered.
  2. Boat size is limited to 8’ x 20′ maximum.
  3. Entry fee is $50.00.
  4. Team members must power the boat themselves. No motors permitted. Teams must provide their own paddles, oars, sails, etc.
  5. Racers must wear Personal Flotation Devices that they must provide.
  6. Each vessel must have a suitable 3” tow ring set in the center of the aft portion of the boat.
  7. All boats must include a buoy attached to the vessel with at least 50 feet of line attached.
  8. Team entry number must be prominently displayed.
  9. Sponsors would be appreciated and will be recognized.